Schalke Youngster Matondo Trains In Kit Of Arch Rivals Dortmund - Why It Happened

This is something that should not happen. 19-year old Welsh striker FC Schalke 04 player Rabbi Matondo, who joined the club from Manchester City in January 2019, has been spotted in the kit of Schalke's arch rivals, Borussia Dortmund...

Rabbi Matondo Trains In Kit Of Close Friend Sancho

On July 14, Matondo's private coach from Cardiff had posted a photo of the Welsh Schalke player doing chin-ups on holiday - in the yellow jersey of BVB colleague Jadon Sancho (20). He played with Sancho in the youth team of Manchester City and is a good friend of the Dortmund player.

The photo caused a storm on social media, with BVB and Schalke 04 having a big rivalship.

FC Schalke 04 Sports Director Jochen Schneider (49) was forced to comment on Tuesday: "I made it more than clear to him on the phone what I think of such an ill-considered action. We told him clearly that he has to show the right reaction to his misconduct on and off the pitch. He may only be 19 years old, but that can't happen to him anyway."

Now, today, July 15, Matondo explained why it happened and said sorry to the fans of the club on Twitter.

The offensive player of the royal blue wrote on Twitter: "I am very sad and disappointed in myself that I let down all those who feel connected to Schalke. I would like to clear things up and apologise to everyone in the club, but above all to our incredible fans. I certainly didn't mean to cause any grief or trouble."

The Welshman continues: "I was naive and put on the jersey for a private training session. "The jersey was from my close friend Jadon Sancho. "I only wore it because of Jadon. It had nothing to do with Dortmund. I didn't think about the consequences and that it would upset a lot of people. There is no excuse for this immature behavior."

Matondo is also a Puma athlete, but this was not the reason for him to wear the kit.

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