Custom Nike Phantom GT 'Nike By You' Boots Released

Nike has already launched full customization capabilities for the Nike Phantom GT, the brand's all-new Phantom VSN / VNM merger silo. Called "Nike Phantom GT By You", the new customizable Nike Phantom GT football boots are available via Nike*s customization service "Nike By You".

2 Nike Phantom GT 'Elite' Launch Editions Released

The first football boot to be available on Nike's new customization service Nike By You (replaces NikeiD) was the Nike Mercurial Superfly VII / Vapor XIII.

Spectacular Updated "Nike By You" Mercurial Superfly & Vapor Boots Released

Nike Phantom GT Elite By You

The new customizable Nike Phantom GT Elite By You allows players to edit almost anything from the outsole to the color of the upper, laces, heel and side markings.

Apart from different colors, you can also select from three different traction options (FG, AG-Pro & SG-PRO Anti-Clog) as well as a high-cut / low-cut design.

Nike Phantom GT Elite Custom Features:

Tech Options: Add a Dynamic Fit collar for a feel with even more control or go with a low-cut boot; then choose the traction that makes sense for your game

Go Graphic Highlight innovation with a graphic that shows off the textured material. Go camo to disguise your advantage or go solid for a more classic look. A stripe on the heel and upper give you more options to create your perfect boot

Add A Little Shine Metallic options for the Swoosh and tongue logos make more than just your skills shine. Choose a chrome finish for the traction option that fits your game

Tell Your Story Add your favourite team's national flag or a personal iD graphic on the heel. You can also replace the Phantom branding on the stripe with up to 7 characters if you choose

More Benefits Sticky texture is strategically placed based on athlete testing for precise grip and touch.Flyknit construction covers your foot in stretchy yarns for a supportive, sock-like fit. All Conditions Control (ACC) finish means reliable touch in wet and dry conditions. Off-centre lacing creates a clean strike zone for focused kicks and dribbling.
Tech-wise, the boots are the same as standard colorways.

Pricing for the top-tier Nike Phantom GT Elite is 270 Euro, while the third-tier Nike Phantom GT Academy retails at 110 Euro. The boots will be made to order and delivered within 4 weeks.

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