'Last-Minute' Gold Jeep Logo 'Turns Black' On Juventus 20-21 Home Kit

Just as in the five previous seasons, Juventus 20-21 home kit is sponsored by Jeep (Juventus have a six-year deal with carmaker Fiat until the end of the 2020/21 season). However, unlike before. the Jeep logo is gold for the first time on the Juventus 2020-21 home kit. This causes some interesting color things.

Juventus 2020-21 Home Kit Released

Juventus 2020-21 Home Kit - Gold Jeep Logo

The Jeep logo combines a gold main color with a black border. The golden color of the Jeep logo should match the color of the other golden brandings, but this is only the case when being pictured from front...

The reason for the Jeep logo to "turn black" in some angles is the material used, which is different to the one-of-a-kind structured material of the Adidas logo and Juventus crest.

Adidas Juventus 20-21 Home Kit Prototype vs Final Product

In fact, earlier this year, an image of a prototype of the Adidas Juventus Home jersey with a black / white Jeep logo got leaked - the final kit has a gold Jeep branding.

All in all, it can be said that it might look a bit bad in some angles but in overall the golden Jeep logo looks great on the kit.

The Adidas Juventus 2020-21 home kit is available globally since a few weeks, and we don't think that there will be any updated to the kit.

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