Puma 20-21 Authentic (€120) vs Replica (€90) Jerseys - In-Depth Guide

Having already closely inspected and compared the Adidas 'match' and 'replica' shirts, let's take a look at Puma's efforts from this season.

Unbelievable Differences - Adidas 2020 Authentic vs Replica Logo Application

This season, Puma has applied the pattern-infused 'Crafted from Culture' approach to its teams across Europe, while on the template side of things have changed quite a bit as well compared to 2019-20.

Puma 20-21 Authentic vs Replica Kits

The standout differences between the 20-21 Puma authentic and replica shirts are the new laser-cut holes on the shoulders and upper back as well as different materials used for the logos. The material of the shirt is fairly different as well.

And while most major teams across Europe use the authentic versions in matches, not all of them, including Borussia Mönchengladbach, for example, are selling them to fans.

Laser Holes

The new Puma templates for the 2020-21 season feature laser-cut holes on the shoulders as well as on the upper back just below the collar.

While any performance effects are questionable at best, our best guess for why Puma added them is to make the authentic versions more 'technical' as well as have them stand out more against the 'cheaper' replicas.

They can also create a bit of an unfortunate look with shirts that feature more visible graphics or patterns on the front.

It's also worth noting that the general idea of laser holes as well as their appearance are very similar to Nike's designs from about five years ago - something we looked at more in-depth before.


The logos on the authentic Puma kits have a material similar to that of the sponsor patch and are simply glued to the shirt.

In contrast, those on the replicas are embroidered. In Europe at least, Puma is not really using 3-D silicone logos at the moment.


The material of the authentic shirts is lighter and more breathable, and also features a distinct hexagonal pattern. A different and even more breathable material is used for the back panel on this more expensive version.

The replica on the other hand has a totally different material but there are differences between the front and back as well.


The cut is pretty similar between the two tiers of Puma 2020-2021 shirts, unlike with Adidas for example.


The official RRP is €90 for the replica shirts and €120 for the authentic ones. Although in the case of PSV, the authentic shirts cost a hefty €140.

But as mentioned before, some teams are not selling the authentic shirts at all.

We hope you enjoyed this comparison between Puma's new authentic and replica shirts - do you think the €30 price difference is justified? Comment below.