AMAZING: 40+ 20-21 Kits With Iconic Classic Sponsors - What If?

What if the brand-new 2020-21 jerseys would feature each team's most iconic classic sponsors? Celebrating the kit release summer by imagining new 2020-21 shirts with classic sponsors, Football Shirt Collective have created a few dozen of 2020-2021 soccer kits with classic sponsors.

We first featured their work in July 2020 - since then, the guys created another 40+ new 2020-2021 jerseys with team's most iconic old sponsors.

15 20-21 Kits With Iconic Classic Sponsors - What If?

Part 2: 20-21 Jerseys With Old Sponsors

Football Shirt Collective's work shows us, in example, how the Arsenal's 20-21 away kit would look like with Sega, how (amazing) Fiorentina's 20-21 home kit would look like with Nintendo and how much better it would be is Man Utd would be not sponsored by Chevrolet.

Many of these 2020-21 kits with classic sponsors would be best-sellers - none of them will be ever available for fans, unfortunately.

Do you also think that many of the 2020-21 jerseys look better with classic sponsors? Which are your three favorites? Comment below and check out the evolution of kits and club's sponsors on Football Kit Archive.