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Corinthians 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Info Leaked

Update: Football kit designer DesignsCorinth has created a mock-up of the Co A possible more accurate mock-up of the Corinthians 2021-22 home kit has been created by Corinthians fans Marlitos Ferreira (@ocorinthianonyusa) and Bruno Oliveira (@eobrunooliveira).

The first info about the new Corinthians 2021-2022 home, away and third strips was leaked by Corinthians news source Identidade Corinthiana.

One month ago, info about the Corinthians 2021-2022 third shirt was already leaked.

All images released by Identidade Corinthiana show an initial sketch of the shirts, with the information obtained by it, that is, this image above only brings an idea and not the final product.

Sport Club Corinthians Paulista 2021-22 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Corinthians home jersey for 2021-22.

The Nike Corinthians 2021-22 jersey is white and black with a unique 'cracks' pattern on it.

The cracks graphic matches a leak from the 21-22 collection for the team, which have a reference to street culture.

According to the website, the collar is similar to the one used in the shirt from 2009. The jersey font resembles “street graffiti”.

Corinthians 21-22 Away Kit

This is the Corinthians 2021-22 away jersey, made by Nike.

The Nike Corinthians 2021-22 away football shirt will be black with white pinstripes - the stripes are applied in a graffiti-like styling, continuing the scheme of the home kit.

Nike Sport Club Corinthians Paulista 21-22 Third Jersey

This is the new Nike Sport Club Corinthians Paulista third football shirt for 21-22.

The Nike Corinthians 2021-22 third jersey is purple and golden.

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