AC Milan 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kit Colors Leaked

Following up his video about the Milan 2021-22 home shirt, Gol de Sergio has followed up with a video detailing the colors of the away and third.

Puma Milan 21-22 Home Shirt

Check out the colors and possible design of Puma's Milan 2021-2022 home football shirt below.

The Puma Milan 2021-2022 home jersey is set to introduce a modern and fresh take on the club's traditional red and black stripes. Instead of equally sized stripes, the Puma AC Milan 2021-2022 home football shirt will have vertical stripes of different widths.

AC Milan Puma 2021-22 Away Kit

This picture shows the colors of the new Puma AC Milan away football shirt for 2021-22.

The Puma Milan 21-22 away football shirt will feature an unusual main color - "afterglow", combined with red. It's difficult to say what color exactly afterglow is at is has not been used a lot at all by Puma.

While Sergio believes that it is a dark grey / black, we managed to find an ebay entry of a running shoe that seems to suggest that it is a light gold / beige. While we are not able to say with certainty, this makes more sense given the colors of the home and third shirts.

AC Milan Puma 2021-2022 Third Jersey

Check out the colors of Puma's AC Milan 2021-2022 third jersey below.

As for the Puma AC Milan 2021-22 third jersey, the supposed color is derived from the three pre-match jackets - Puma usually launch one per match kit and by elimination it can be determined that the third will very likely combine 'red blast' with black. It's a slightly different shade of red than the one used on the home.

Stay tuned for more info on AC Milan's new 2021-22 home, away and third kits as it becomes available.

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