No Contract: Ederson's Insane 2020-21 Boots & Gloves Saga Continues - 5 Different Brands In 3 Months

Update: Since we last covered this topic two months have passed. We do firmly believe that Ederson has settled on Uhlsport gloves although he does not endorse the company officially yet. On another note, the Brazilian continues to wear different boots in combination with the goalkeeper gloves, such as Nike's Phantom GT or Adidas' Predator 20.1 cleats. Check out a slideshow of Ederson in action in the last couple of weeks underneath.

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Update: One month ago, we reported about the boot and gloves saga of Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson. Now there are some updates and new developments.

Ederson Is Without Contract, Possible Uhlsport Gloves Deal

While it seemed that he has found his preferred boot x gloves combo (Adidas Predator Low boots and Uhlsport PureAlliance Finger Surround gloves) when watching the latest Premier League matches, he has been now spotted with blackout Puma One boots in training with Brazil. He is surely without a contract as he also wore Nike sneakers in Man City training.

13 October 2020: Ederson's Insane 2020-21 Boots & Gloves Saga - 5 Different Brands In 2 Months - No More Nike Contract

On 20 September 2020, we reported that Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is set to leave Nike for Puma, as he trained in Puma Ultra football boots. It was not the first time that Ederson stood out with his gloves or boots choice this season.

We and especially goalkeeper gloves addicts have been monitoring his choices over the past few months. Now in the past three weeks, Ederson has created a real boot and gloves saga. Many Images and details via @_gkgloves.

Ederson Goalkeeper Gloves & Boots In 2020-2021 Season

Last season, Ederson was sponsored by Nike and used to wear the latest Nike boots and goalkeeper gloves such as the Phantom Phantom Elite boots and Phantom goalkeeper gloves. This changed with the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League final tournament and the 2020-2021 pre-season training in general.

Ederson wore gloves from 5 brands in the past 8 weeksIn the first training session with Brazil, Ederson opted for a blackout pair of the Uhlsport Supergrip HN

Since the 2020-21 pre-season started, Ederson has been spotted in goalkeeper gloves from five brands and football boots from three brands.

2019-20 Season - Regular Nike Athlete With Latest Gear

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During the large part of the 2019-2020 season, Ederson was wearing both the latest gloves and boots from Nike.

2020-21 Pre-Season Training - Old Nike Hypervenom Boots & Old Nike Vapor Grip 3

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In the 2020-2021 pre-season training, Ederson was spotted lacing up in the discontinued Nike Hypervenom and the old white / black Promo colorway of the Nike Vapor Grip 3 from 2019. This was the first clear indicator that his contract with Nike had ended.

September 2020 - Trains in Puma Ultra Boots & Nike Vapor Grip 3

In September 2020, Ederson was spotted wearing Puma Ultra football boots in training, combined with Nike Vapor Grip 3 gloves. This was when we reported that he could join Puma.

21 September 2020 - Wears Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Gloves Against Wolves

In the Premier League match against Wolves, Ederson had a totally unexpected boots and gloves choice - he wore the Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Gloves and Adidas Predator 20.1 Low boots from the Inflight Pack.

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23 September 2020 - Training

In training after the Wolves game, Ederson wore the red Puma Ultra Chasing Adrenaline gloves instead of the Adidas Predator 20 Pro.

27 September - Should Ederson join Adidas or Puma?

After having tried the Puma Ultra in training, Ederson tested the Adidas Predator20 Pro Hybrid for the second time in an official match.

@_gkgloves also noticed the bad durability of the Urg 1.0 latex. After only a warm up and a game it has already begun to ruin.

Training 29 September 2020 - Ederson Test Sells Keeper Gloves

On September 29 2020, Ederson wore Sells keeper gloves and Puma Ultra boots.

Latest Match For Manchester City - Ederson Wears Uhlsport Gloves

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In his latest match for Man City, Ederson wore Uhlsport's PureAlliance Finger Surround gloves.

Brazil Training Session

In the first training session with Brazil, Ederson opted for a blackout pair of the Uhlsport Supergrip HN.

Premier League Late October / Early November 2020 - Adidas Predator 20.1 Low Boots & Uhlsport PureAlliance Gloves

Brazil Training November 2020 - Blackout Puma One & Uhlsport PureAlliance Gloves

Ederson 2020 Football Boots

  • Nike Phantom VSN II Elite
  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF Elite
  • Puma Ultra 1.1
  • Adidas Predator 20.1 Low (current choice)

Ederson 2020 Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Nike Phantom
  • Nike Vapor Grip 3
  • Puma Ultra Grip 1
  • Adidas Predator 20 Pro
  • Sells
  • Uhlsport Supergrip HN Blackout
  • Uhlsport PureAlliance Gloves (current choice)

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