LEAKED: Rejected Flamengo Home Kit to Become 22-23 Third Kit

Update: Having originally rejected the design as the home kit, Flamengo's council reportedly recently approved the 'wavy stripes' look as third kit for the 2022-23 season. That's what's being reported by Coluna do Fla.

The design had originally been proposed as home kit in October, but was disapproved by the club council.

Flamengo 22-23 Third Kit

This picture shows the site's prediction for the Flamengo 2022-23 third kit.

The Flamengo 22-23 third kit will feature wavy stripes, 18 to be exact, combined with a black crew-neck collar and featuring the 3 Stripes on the shoulders.

The design is supposed to be inspired by flying flags.

Flamengo 2022-2023 Away Kit

Already approved back in October, the Flamengo 22-23 away kit is set to carry the same wavy design, albeit in a much more understated and subtle manner. It will be predominantly white.

Original Report - Flamengo Disapproves Adidas' Proposed 22-23 Home Kit

For the 2022-2023 season, Adidas wanted to introduce all-new “wavy” stripes for the club. There are no images of the proposed Adidas Flamengo 2022-23 kit design but detailed description.

Adidas' motto for the kit was that the flag becomes a shirt

The Flamengo 22-23 Adidas design was a wavy take on the classic stripes - the design of the stripes varied the widths, inspired by waving flags. The motto of the shirt would be “In 2022, the flag becomes a shirt” and many advisers compared it to the Copacabana boardwalk. The sleeves were fully striped as well.

After the rejection, it was suggested that it be put back on the agenda, but as a third shirt.

According to reports by journalists who followed the vote, the shirt caused a shock for many advisers who asked that it not even be voted on. However, it ended up happening and the shirt was not approved, having been rejected by 137 to 68.

Are you glad to see Adidas' rejected home kit design being recycled as Flamengo 22-23 third kit? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.