Lewandowski To Join Adidas?

Update: Out of surprise, Lewandowski has trained in Adidas Nemeziz football boots (Superspectral Pack) yesterday. He used both the Nike Phantom Venom and Adidas Nemeziz in the training session. The Polish striker is surely still without a boot contract but a deal with Adidas seems most likely now.

Lewandowski Trains in Adidas Nemeziz Football Boots

Mid-May 2021: Lewandowski Trains In Blackout Football Boots - Nike Phantom GT 1?

Robert Lewandowski has been spotted with a pair of blackout football boots in training. From the picture, it looks like a blackout version of the Nike Phantom GT I DF.

In the final Bundesliga match of the season, he wore his beloved Nike Phantom Venom soccer cleats, just as in all other matches of the past two months.

May 2021: Lewandowski Trains In Blackout Nike Phantom GT I Football Boots - Wears Nike Phantom Venom In Matches

March 2021: Lewandowski Debuts Puma Future Z Boots, Switches Boots At Half-Time

Update: FC Bayern manager Hansi Flick was asked about Lewandowski's boot switch in the press conference after the match. It was quite a big topic in German media that Lewandowski switched boots, especially as he was far better in the second half with his Nike boots (1 goal and 3x woodwork).

"In training, he sometimes has Puma on, sometimes Nike. Maybe at halftime, he thought, I'll just switch again. That's his decision. I only saw it because the yellow color was no longer on the foot."

Update #2: Lewandowski debuted the Puma Future Z football boots in today's Bundesliga match against Werder Bremen. It was the first time that Lewandowski wore Puma cleats in an official match - however, he reverted to his beloved Phantom Venom for the second half.

Update: For the first time, Lewandowski wore a branded version of the Puma Future Z boots. This could mean that he has completed the deal with Puma, but that is not certain yet. We now think he just wore branded Nike Mercurial boots to generate pressure for Puma.

Lewandowski Wears Non-Blackout Puma Boots For First Time

Picture via @futeboxing.

Lewandowski to Reunite With Nike?

Update: By big surprise, Robert Lewandowski laced up in the new Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 football boots in training yesterday. This means that the Polish striker could "rejoin" Nike - he had been wearing not the latest Nike cleats in official matches for several months.

February 19 2021: Robert Lewandowski Trains in Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Boots

February 4 2021: Robert Lewandowski Trains in Blackout Puma Future Z Boots

Update: Robert Lewandowski has been again spotted wearing the black / asphalt Puma Future Z football boots in Bayern's training session this week. He is still wearing the Nike Phantom Venom football boots in official matches and some trainings (pictures via @football_boots4).

Robert Lewandowski Spotted Wearing Blackout Puma Future Z Boots & Different Phantom VNM In Bayern Training

Update: Lewandowski was spotted wearing unreleased next-gen Puma Future Z boots in training with Poland, suggesting that his switch from Nike to Puma is getting closer and closer. The same boots were previously worn by Neymar, for example.

FC Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski could join Puma, images from training suggest.

Lewandowski has been sponsored by Nike since 2009. Before 2010, he wore Adidas boots. Lewandowski has been a Nike key athlete since around 2013.

Lewandowski Trains in Blackout Puma Ultra Boots

During training on October 29, 2020, Lewandowski was wearing a blackout version of Puma's Ultra 1.1 football boots. This is a clear indicator that his contract with Nike has ended and that he could sign with Puma.

There have been no rumors about a possible Puma x Lewandowski partnership before.

We will keep an eye on Lewandowski's boots in the next training sessions and the next Bayern Bundesliga match, on Saturday against 1. FC Köln.

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