New Nike 21-22 Teamwear Kits Released - To Be Used By Many Teams Next Season

As every year, Nike released new teamwear football shirts at the beginning of the new year. Set to be used for the 2021-22 season, we take a comprehensive look at the new teamwear kits Nike will release for the 2020-21 campaign - three in total. Pictures via Sport Greifenberg.

Nike 2021-2022 Teamwear Kits - New

Nike will not introduce a whole new teamwear kit for 2021-2022 but just "new generations" of three famous templates - the Park Derby, the Striped Division and the Vaporknit / Strike. The new Nike 21-22 teamwear jerseys have simple looks and classic Nike colors.

Nike Park Derby III 2021-22 Template

As expected, the new template is the successor of the Park Derby II template and will be known as Park Derby III.

Nike Striped Division IV Teamwear Template

Replacing the Nike Striped Division 3 shirt, the new striped Nike 2021 teamwear jersey ditches the raglan cut and adds stripes to the sleeves to create a much more traditional look. The stripes are a bit thinner than before.

Nike Vaporknit III & Strike II

Both of these templates will be used by a lot of smaller clubs in the 2021-22 season, just as it was the case with the respective predecessors.

The new Nike 2021-2022 teamwear jerseys were released in January 2021.

Which is your favorite new Nike teamwear kit fort the 2021-22 season? Comment below.