Sergio Ramos Trains In Mysterious Laceless Blackout Boots - Set to Leave Nike?

Saturday, 17 October 2020
Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos was recently spotted wearing a blacked-out pair of laceless boots in training - could this be the first-ever laceless soccer cleat from Nike?

Sergio Ramos Wears All-New Blackout Boots - All-New Nike Boot Silo Or Next-Gen Nike Tiempo?

The boots worn by Sergio Ramos are totally blackout. They seem to have a knitted upper with a synthetic overlay that appears to be very thin. A closer look on the instep reveals an interesting patterned upper structure.

But instead of being a new Nike model, the boots are actually a blacked-out version of the New Balance Tekela v3 Leather, introduced just a month ago.

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This means that Ramos is at least contemplating a switch away from Nike. It's worth remembering that Ramos was already close to leaving nike in 2016, when he wore blackout boots for a while. In the end, he signed a new deal with Nike and even receiced a pair of signature boots in late 2017 - the same boots he's been wearing for most of the time since then.

Nike Tiempo Legend Sergio Ramos 'Corazón y Sangre' Limited-Edition Boots Revealed

Sergio Ramos posted a video from the end of the training wearing the black / blue Nike Tiempo Legend VII football boots.

Stay tuned for more info about Sergio Ramos' possible brand switch as we expect updates in the coming weeks.

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Do you think Sergio Ramos will leave Nike for good this time? Is New Balance a good choice? Drop us a line below, and check out the Boot Calendar for all upcoming boot information and leaks.
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