Special All-Black Nike Mercurial Marcus Rashford Boots Revealed - Debuted vs Belgium

Nike created a special pair of football boots for England striker Marcus Rashford. The special Marcus Rashford boots are all-black, adorned with 40 messages from school kids - he debuted them for England against Belgium yesterday night.

Rashford was awarded an MBE for his inspirational campaign to secure free meals for disadvantaged children in the school holidays. Together with Nike, he has launched the 'Marcus Rashford Boot Project' in honour of Black History Month.

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Special Marcus Rashford 'Black Lives Matter' Boots

Based on the Nike Mercurial Superfly VII; Rashford's boots are completely black with messages from 40 children. The words are all responses given by school kids to the phrase 'I am the future of...'.

The colour of the boots is also a nod to Rashford's journey through the United academy - where youngsters are famously BANNED from wearing anything other than black boots.

A quote from Muhammad Ali can be found on the lacesThe striker idolised Muhammad Ali in his youth and an inspirational quote from the late great boxer can be found on his laces.

The quote from Muhammad Ali reads: "Recognise how every moment of our journey is an important part of the growth of our soul."

Rashford will wear the boots throughout OctoberRashford will wear the boots throughout October before donating pairs to charities who fight against child poverty, including FareShare and Trussell Trust.

The custom-made Nike Mercurial Rashford boots boots will not be available to buy.

Rashford said: "This project was an opportunity for me to give millions of children in the UK a platform to share their voice and inspire the next generation.

“If I hadn’t experienced what I experienced as a child, I couldn’t stand here today as a voice for change. There would be little power in the delivery of my message.

“I wanted to carry their voice with me, standing in Wembley Stadium with their messages written across my boots. I wanted to give them a moment to shine.

Special Marcus Rashford Boots - Key Features

  • Based on Nike Mercurial Superfly VII
  • Custom design not available to buy
  • Feature Quotes Of 40 Children & Quote Of Muhammad Ali
  • To be worn by Rashford throughout October

"Children need to believe that they can be anything they want to be, regardless of system failings and injustices.

"We must allow and encourage our children to dream because sometimes dreams are all they have.”

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