UEFA Kit Rules That Force Teams To Change Kit Designs Most Often

The 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League and Europa League are in full swing, with the first three match days being played within three weeks due to the COVID-19 situation. Many teams are not allowed to wear the same kits as in domestic competitions due to UEFA's Equipment Regulations - we take a look at some of the teams that had to change their kit & why they had to change it.

UEFA Equipment Regulations - In Action In 2020-2021 Season

The reason for teams forced to wear different jerseys than domestically are the UEFA Equipment Regulations. The UEFA Equipment Regulations define all parts of the equipment worn by teams and players, including the jerseys. The current UEFA Equipment Regulations consist of 68 pages and more 59 Articles.

There are various reasons why teams have to change their jerseys in UEFA competitions. We take a look at the rules that are broken most often.


The most often reason for teams to change their kit for UEFA competitions are the UEFA sponsor regulations.

UEFA has strict regulations of the number of shirt sponsors (only one on the front & a non-commercial on the lower back) as well as the size of sponsors. Sleeve sponsors are not allowed as well.

UEFA also does not allow tobacco & strong alcohol advertising (more than 15% vol). However, if teams do not wear their regular sponsor (sponsor-free) kit, that is most not because of UEFA regulations but because of the laws of the countries in team's away matches.

Betting sponsors are not allowed in the Netherlands - Valencia had to wear a sponsor-free shirt (instead of bwin)

Wrong Numbers

Logically, UEFA does also have rules for the kit font, both to guarantee a good visibility and a "non-wrong" appearance. In example, UEFA logically does not allow teams to wear numbers with other league symbols. Numbers must contrast enough to the shirt for a good visibility.

Wrong Back Of Kits

UEFA's regulations for the back of shirts might be the most strange ones. While teams have to have a plain space for the shirt numbers (AS Roma was not allowed to have their lollipop design on the back of the shirt), striped / checkered kits are nit allowed to be totally plain.

So kits both have to feature the design of the front but only in the parts not required for numbers & names - the lower part.

AS Roma Forced to Change 20-21 Kit Design in Europe

In example, teams whose kit did not feature a UEFA confirm back of shirt in 20-21 are AS Roma, cetlic and Olympiakos.

Bad Contrast Of Elements (Contrast)

The most logical rule might be the bad visibility of kits caused by a bad contrast of elements. In example, UEFA did not allow Bayern Munich to have Infrared numbers on their 2020-21 away kit, in contrast to the German Bundesliga.

Color Clashes - Bad Distinguishability Of Opponents

Barcelona Wear Third Third Kit Combination Already This Season

The rule that is applied for every match is the one about color choices and combination - teams therefore often have to create special shorts & socks or mix up their kits (Granada did that away against Alkmaar this October)

Granada wore their away kit with blue home shorts

Check out the full UEFA Equipment Regulations

What do you think of UEFA's Equipment Regulations? Have we missed any important rule that forces teams to change the design of their playing attire? Comment below, and see the full UEFA Equipment Regulations.