Adidas 'Secretly' Updates Upper Of Nemeziz Boots To Avoid Slippery

The latest colorway of the Adidas Nemeziz not only brought us a new visual look but also an updated tech - let us find out what Adidas has changed for its agility boot.

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Adidas Adds 3D Streak To Improve Touch In All, Espcially Wet Weather Conditions

With the Adidas Nemeziz Atmospheric Pack, both the laceless + and .1 upper have been updated to have a rough surface with a 3D streak. This was made by Adidas to avoid slippery and improve touch and control, especially in wet conditions.

Previous Adidas Nemeziz 2019 football boots did not have a 3D structure for the textile upper at all.

All next colorways of the Adidas Nemeziz soccer cleats will also have the updated 3D structure upper, we can already see from the leaked images.

Adidas did not officially announce that they changed the boot. A quiet indicator that the brand has updated the Nemeziz is that the latest colorway of the boot is not anymore called "Adidas Nemeziz 19+" but just "Adidas Nemeziz+". The cleat colorway is also not grouped together with the previous paint jobs, the "Adidas Nemeziz 19".

The lower-tier Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 version of the latest colorway has not been updated technically and is also still called Adidas Nemeziz 19.3.

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Have you noticed that Adidas has changed the upper of the Adidas Nemeziz football boots? Comment below.