All-New, "Odd" Acorn Thomas Müller Logo Launched - What It Means

German FC Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller has launched a completely new logo.

Thomas Müller 2020 Logo - Acorn - Inspired By Traditional Bavarian Card Game

The new Thomas Müller logo is different to those of other players - it boasts an acorn, without any other elements. Why? Is is inspired by his Bavarian origin and a classic Bavarian card game.

"The acorn as my new esmüllert-logo symbolizes strength, playfulness and my Bavarian origin. Playing a round of Schafkopf in the beer garden is Bavarian quality of life and exactly my thing. It is not for nothing that the acorn is the highest card that beats everything. That is also my claim and my motivation on the soccer field."

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The previous Thomas Müller logo was a ball within a target and TM (Trademark) on the top right, inspired by his namesake Gerd Müller, Germany's and Bayern's other legendary striker called Müller.

The new EsMüllert logo beats everything

According to the website, the "new EsMüllert logo beats everything".

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