Beautiful MLS 25-Years Anniversary Logo Concept by Daniel Nyari

Graphic artist Daniel Nyari (@danielnyari) has created an alternative anniversary logo for the Major League Soccer.

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Daniel Nyari is an Illustrator/Designer/Art Director who has already worked for various big brands like Adidas, Nike, MLS and ESPN. He was employed by the International Champions Cup and responsible for its visual concept until early 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MLS 25-Years Anniversary Logo Concept by Daniel Nyari

Daniel Nyari's MLS logo draws inspiration from the classic and the new MLS logos - it merges the new with the old MLS logo.

Color-wise, it has the colors of the inaugural season 1996 MLS crest.

The concept is not intended to be a full rebrand according to the designer but just one for a one-off campaign.

I would never present this as a full-on rebrand. It only makes sense and is intended for a one-off campaign or activation that "winks" at the brand's unique history and evolution in tone.

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