2020 MLS 25th Anniversary Logo + Sleeve Badge Revealed

Update: Major League Soccer will also have a special 25th anniversary sleeve badge next season, based on the special 25-years anniversary logo.

Major League Soccer will use a unique logo for the 2020 season which will be the league's 25th since it kicked off in 1996. The new season will start on 29 February 2020.

MLS 25th Anniversary Logo

This picture shows the Major League Soccer 2020 logo.

A remix of the regular MLS logo, the 25th anniversary design fills the blank space on the bottom right with a pattern of 25s.

As usual, the logo will be applied to the colors of each team on the sleeves of the 2020 MLS kits.

The first-ever MLS season took place in 1996 with just 10 teams. The league has grown leaps and bounds with 26 teams to participate next year.

MLS 2020 Sleeve Badge

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