Best Deal For Non Top Clubs? Macron Does Not Have Such A Thing As A "Strict Pyramid"

Fans of smaller clubs often criticize that they get standard teamwear kits from the biggest brand's. This is also because the big brands have strict guidelines of which teams receive which stuff and treatment. We defined it as a "pyramid of football kit sponsorships" - however, there are some brands that do not classify teams "just of how much money they can make with them".

Macron is possibly the prime example of the brands that give the teams the best deal, at least in order of customization and personal treatment.

Macron's aim is to provide every club with custom designsMacron S.p.A. is an Italian sporting apparel company, based in Crespellano, Bologna. They were founded in 1971 and had a revenue of €79m million in 2015.

Macron Does Not Rank Their Teams 'At All' / As Strict

Macron does not say that only bigger clubs should get custom products - their aim is to provide every club with custom bespoke looks. Therefore, there is not such thing as a pyramid that defines which clubs are worth to receive custom products.

In fact, all clubs directly sponsored by Macron receive bespoke designs and no standard teamwear shirts. Macron even invites the representative of smaller clubs to their headquarters in order to design and show off the kits that have designed for them and other teams.

More than 10.000 teams wear Macron kits globallyOf course, there are some clubs that get more stuff from Macron and better financial deals, but the brand does try to avoid giving non-custom designs for professional clubs as often as defensible.
Macron even designs custom kits for Serie D (fourth division) teams

In case you are wondering if Macron is successful with their concept - the Italian company just opened its new headquarters this summer. An indicator that it is not going too badly for them.

Macron opened its new headquarters this summerIn June, Macron moved to its new headquarters. Located in the company's traditional home, the municipality of Valsamoggia (Bologna), the new Macron headquarters were built on a new space of 55,000 square meters, 22,000 of which are dedicated to the new warehouse (16,000 sqm) and the central offices (6,000 sqm) of Macron.

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In 2020, more than 10.000 teams wear Macron thanks to the presence on the territory of a network of over 1300 dedicated stores, according to the company's website.

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