Brazil Women's Team Drops Stars From Kit

The Brazil's women's national team has announced they are dropping the stars, which signified the 5 World Cup wins of the men's team.

Brazil is the most successful women's national team in South America, having won the first four editions of the Copa América championship. The team finished the 1999 World Cup in third place and the 2007 in second, losing to Germany in the final, 2–0.

Brazil Women's Kits Come Without Stars Now

The removal of the stars was an old request from female soccer enthusiasts, since Brazil, together with Argentina, were the only teams to play boasting the achievements of men's soccer, above the shield, in the last World Cup, played in 2019.

Brazil 2019 Women's World Cup Home Kit Revealed

The shirts without the stars are the same launched for the World Cup last year, the first witn a exclusive design for the “Women Warriors of Brazil”.

We are going to win our star, we are going to carry the star that we are going to win

“I saw many comments, many people who spoke about this issue, because it was as if we were carrying something that we did not achieve, of course we are very happy for all the achievements of men. I think Brazil is recognized as a country of football, a lot for all the things they have achieved, for the great players, but now I think it is a different moment, right? We will win our star, we will carry the star that we will win, I think this is very cool and we will feel more comfortable with this situation" commented Andressinha.

“It is a unique opportunity, right? I am very happy to be part of this, to be with the national team and try to change the history of women's football. And it will certainly motivate us even more. Now we see women's football growing in Brazil and have the possibility to put a little star here. I'm really looking forward to that to get to the Olympics, World Cup, it's really cool and I'm very happy to be part of that ”, said Debinha, Brazilian star who competes for the NWSL in the USA.

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