Four Options: Will Nike Bring Back The Old 1947 Atletico Crest Next Season?

On August 14 2019, Atletico Madrid announced that the 75th anniversary of the club's name as "Club Atlético de Madrid" will be celebrated with a kit featuring the old crest. Now many products for the 2021-22 season have been leaked, but there is not a single one with the old crest at all. Will Atletico not bring back the old crest after all?

It was officially revealed in an article about updates to the club's stadium on August 14 2019 that "one of Atletico's jerseys that season [2021-22], which Nike has already begun to work on, will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the club being named "Club Atlético de Madrid" with the old crest of that time". The other Atlético Madrid 2021-22 kits would not feature the classic crest. You can read the exact text of the statement below.

"We have already started various projects for the next campaigns that will make us remember our history even more through various tributes. One of them will be in the 2021/22 season. In this campaign, the 75th anniversary of the club's name as "Club Atlético de Madrid" will be celebrated, since it was in January 1947 when the new nomenclature was adopted. In this sense, the multinational Nike is already working on the designs of the shirts of that season following the club's instructions so that one of the game kits is commemorative of this anniversary and in which the crest of that time will be worn.">

Atletico fan and leak expert Gol de Sergio also investigated the question, highlighting that there are no leaked products with the old crest and that this makes it unlikely for the kits to have the old logo. For us, there are four options about Atletico and the "return" to the old crest.

Four Options? Nike to Release Atletico Madrid 21-22 Fourth Kit With Old Logo In January 2022?

Option 1: Nike 21-22 Atletico Home or Away or Third Kit Will Feature Old Crest - 25%

This is quite unlikely as of today as none of the leaked 21-22 home, away or third jersey products comes with an old logo.

Option 2: Nike and the club have decided to not use the old crest at all - 20%

This is also quite unlikely as we see no reasons why

Option 3: Atletico will release a special 75-years anniversary kit with the old crest - 30%

This is the most likely option for us as of today

Option 4 / Others: Nike will celebrate the anniversary in the 2022-23 season / something else - 25%

It is also possible that it will be the 2022-23 in which the anniversary will be celebrated.

In case you are wondering why we think a fourth kit is most likely. There might be not a single product hint or any other information for an anniversary fourth kit for Atletico Madrid in the 2021-2022 season, but with a possible fourth kit coming out in 2022, that is no too unusual, and so it is the most likely option for us.

Stay tuned for more about a possible Nike Atletico Madrid 21-22 anniversary kit.

Would you like Nike to release a special 75-years anniversary kit for Atleti? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!