Insane Futuristic Adidas Predator Concept Boots By Finn Rush-Taylor - 2 Colorways

English freelance designer Finn Rush-Taylor (works for Adidas Originals - @Finn Rush-Taylor) has created what might be the best concept of the year - a futuristic-looking Adidas Predator football boot concept.

Adidas Predator Concept Football Boots

Inspired by the aggressive look of the Predator silo, the Adidas Predator concept boots by Finn Rush-Taylor exaggerate the aggressive look of the Predator with big rubber pads and striking brandings. He tried to "incorporate the 3 stripes as a functional strike zone", similar as Adidas has done in the 1990s.

Finn Rush-Taylor created two colorways of his Predator concept - one blackout / iridescent and one in the OG colorways of the Adidas Predator silo.

Two tools, Gravity Sketch and Blender, were used to create the boots

If you are thinking about also creating such concept boots - the designer modelled the boots in Gravity Sketch and rendered them in Blender.