Laceless vs Laces: More & More Adidas Players Provide Look At Next-Gen Adidas Copa Sense & Predator Freak 2021 Boots

In the past couple of weeks, Adidas has supplied many of its best players with blackout versions of the two next-generation soccer cleats that will be launched in 2021 - the Adidas Copa Sense and Predator Freak. We take a closer look at them.

The latest Adidas athletes to be spotted wearing Adidas' blackout next-gen boots were Cesar Azpilicueta (Adidas Copa Sense.1) and Kepa and Lee Kang-In (Adidas Predator Freak.1) - the .1 marks the laces version.

Adidas 2021 Boots Line-Up

New Naming System: Adidas 2021 Boots Line-up Leaked - Copa Sense, Predator Freak, X Ghosted & Nemeziz

From 2021, the four Adidas boot silos are the Copa Sense, Predator Freak, X Ghosted and Nemeziz. Adidas scrapped the numbers / dates of the boots - no more Nemeziz 19, Predator 20 etc but just Nemeziz. 1, Nemeziz+, Copa Sense.1 & Copa Sense+, Predator Freak+ etc.

Adidas Copa Sense

The Adidas Copa Sense has been very much revamped compared to the launch (late 2018) and second (late 2019) editions, which were actually identical. The Adidas Copa Sense will be released as laces and laceless version.

João Félix, Dybala, Pedri Give Look At Completely Revamped Next-Gen Adidas Copa Sense 2021 Boots

Adidas Predator Freak

For the Adidas Predator Freak, the Three Stripes updated the upper and kept the sole plate of the current generation. The upper boasts newly aligned rubber pads as well as striking new cut, especially for the collar.

Both the Adidas Copa Sense and Predator Freak will launch in early 2021.

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The Adidas Predator Freak will be also released a Low Cut version - the only version we have not seen yet.

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