Letter Leaked: Spanish Government Informs Clubs That Betting Sponsors Will Be Banned Soon

In July this year, there have been reports that betting sponsors would be already banned in Spain from the beginning of the 2020-21 season, which did not happen in the end... Now there has been an update on the story - the Spanish government has informed teams that betting sponsors will be forbidden from August 31 2021.

Betting Shirt Sponsors To Be Banned In Spain From Next Season

The exact reason for the ban to get not active ahead of the 2020-2021 season is not known, but it is likely because clubs said that they could "quite simply not recover from a financial shortfall in the event of the immediate departure of these sponsors". In fact, some clubs had requested a three-year moratorium before the implementation of a ban of betting sponsors.

Betting Sponsors Prospected To Be Banned From August 30 2021

In a letter leaked by Spanish radio station COPE, the government warned that all clubs must cancel their contracts with gambling companies for advertisement "as soon as possible, and at the latest by the end of the current season".

As you would expect and also reported by COPE, most clubs are very unhappy with this ruling.

7 different Spanish La Liga teams have betting kit sponsors - Real Betis, Levante and Alaves (all sponsored by Betway). Cadiz (Dafabet), Granada (Winamax), Sevilla (Marathon Bet) and Valencia (Bwin).

Marca expects that clubs could lose 80 million Euro because of the ban.

Betting Sponsors To Be Banned In Great Britain?

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