Most Sold Soccer Shirts Per US State - Clear Correlation to 2020 US Elections

The largest US soccer retailer has revealed which players are the most popular in the United States this holiday season (October 1 until November 22 2020), based on their sales. The results are very interesting also for non soccer fans.

America's Choice - Favorite Men's Soccer Player By State

The three most popular players in the USA are Lionel Messi, Christian Pulisic and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, while this is not a very huge surprise, it gets interesting when looking at the results by state.

A comparison between the 2020 US Elections and the 2020 US Shirt Sales reveals that there is some correlation between the results. US star Pulisic is more polar in "Republic states", while Messi is more popular in "Democrats states".

There are also a few players whose kits are most popular in one state, respectively. Dele Alli is the Most Popular Player In the State of Vermont, Rashford in Kanada, Martial in Hawaii, Bruno Fernandes in North Dakota and Mane in Oregon. There also seems to be a Bonucci fan base in South Dakota, but the state just has 885,000 inhabitants so there might be just not much data.

Top 5 Player's Shirts In Whole USA 2020 also revealed the Top 5 men’s player jerseys in the United States this holiday season, based on their sales. Messi leads ahead of Pulisic and Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappe is fourth-placed while Rashford comes on rank 5.

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