NFL: Los Angeles Rams Plan Jersey Revolution - Want To Copy 'European Soccer Model'

The Los Angeles Rams are planning to release new jerseys every year in the future, similar to the way top clubs already do in soccer. That would be a real NFL revolution - the National Football League currently just allows teams to change the design of their jerseys once every five years.

The Rams released their new uniforms this offseason in May 2020 - most fans were not impressed.

Currently Not Allowed: Los Angeles Rams Want To Release New Home Uniform Every Year

"Our goal is that we might want to release a new jersey every year, either we just distribute it or the NFL and Nike will change the rules," said Kevin Demoff, head of operations for the Rams, in the team's podcast.

He added: "It's a bit like European soccer, which also introduces a new jersey every year. Some people like it, some don't."

Until now, the league has only allowed teams to change the design of their jerseys once every five years.

However, the NFL teams are allowed to have two alternative jerseys. The "five-year rule" does not apply here, so Demoff's dream could become reality-

Via Twitter the Rams already indicated in May that they will release new jerseys in 2021 and 2022. The California team could be a role model for many other NFL franchises.

But until the time comes and the jerseys are actually allowed to be worn on the field, the Rams have to convince the NFL to change the rules.

What do you think of NFL only allowing teams to release a new home uniform every five years? Do you think this rule will be history soon? Comment below.