6 Unique Kits Designed Using FIFA 21 Kit Creator

Around one week ago, FIFA Kit Creator, a new online tool that allows you to create custom kits for FIFA 21 (import only possible on PC), was launched. We take a look at six shirts that were showed off by the creators of the tool in the past few days.

AMAZING: FIFA Kit Creator Launched - "Unofficial"

FIFA 21 Kit Creator has not been developed by EA Sports but by fans of football video games.

FIFA 21 Kit Creator Kits - Examples Of Created Designs

The guys over at FIFA 21 Kit Creator used their own tool to create custom kits before importing them into FIFA 21.

The examples of the FIFA 21 concept kits created show off what is possible with the tool - you can not only select colors and a few base designs but choose from hundreds of different patterns and graphics.

Awesome: 'Unofficial' FIFA Kit Creator Features Hundreds Of 'Official' Designs

In example, they created a BVB concept kit using the Iceland 2020 graphic, an one-of-a-kind Chelsea camo kit as well as a totally classic Milan Puma jersey.

Chelsea Camo Concept

Dortmund x Iceland Graphic Concept

Milan Classic Concept

Napoli Nike (Bayern 20-21 third graphic)

Atletico Madrid 'Checkers'

Real Madrid 'Galácticos'

Check out FIFA 21 Kit Creator now to design your own kit (you don't have to play FIFA to use the tool but you can also just create designs with it).

Visit fifakitcreator.com to design your own kit.

Do you like these custom kits? Which is your favorite? Have you already tired out the tool? Share your thoughts in the comments below.