Adidas 'Pyrostorm' 21-22 Champions League Ball Released

Update: The Winter Editon of the Adidas 2021-22 UEFA Champions League ball was debuted in yesterday's Champions Keague match between Dynamo Kyiv and Bayern München.

Called "Pyrostorm", the new 21-22 Champions League ball is again made by Adidas.

Normal and winter versions

Adidas Finale Pyrostorm 21-22 Champions League Ball

A striking look, the Adidas Finale Pyrostorm 21-22 Champions League soccer ball combines a white base with yellow, red, and black for the star panels. All logos are black. In contrast to previous Champions League balls, the Adidas Finale Pyrostorm comes without tiny graphic elements but just with a star graphic effect.

The official color combo is White / Solar Red / Solar Yellow / Black.

Tech-wise, the new Adidas Finale Pyrostorm UEFA Champions League soccer ball is the same as all recent Champions League footballs. The Adidas Finale Pyrostorm combines the Champions League ball's iconic stars panel with the upper materials and tech of other Adidas footballs.

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The Adidas 21-22 Champions League OMB group stage football is available for 150 USD.

Winter Champions League 21-22 OMB

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Pyrostorm. What do you think about the Adidas 21-22 Champions League football? Drop us a line below.