Barcelona's Presidential Candidate Wants Unicef To Become Main Sponsor Again

Around a decade ago FC Barcelona still had UNICEF on the front of their jerseys. Since then, a lot has changed in Catalonia as different presidents took over and the whole philosophy of a club changed that is amidst a crisis since several years and failed to properly replace key players that emerged from the own academy. More recently, Presidential candidate Victor Font revealed plans to return to UNICEF as main sponsor and concentrate on humble beginnings.

As you probably already know Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta (Barcelona president 2014-2020) deserted the sinking ship because of an imminent sacking and a successful vote of no confidence back in late October, one day before the Champions League away match against Juventus FC.

Right now, FC Barcelona prepares for the presidential vote and as it is common in politics different presidential canditates have different promises that are part of their agenda. We want to focus on Victor Font (48 years old) in this article who looks to return to humble beginnings by banking on Barcelona's world-famous academy La Masia and former main sponsor UNICEF.

UNICEF is part of the United Nations and fights for humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. UNICEF is responsible for many different projects, for example they started feeding hungry children in the UK recently since the Corvid-19 pandemic left families in a bad shape and the government does not fully take care of its residents.

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Talking to Catalan newspaper El Nacional presidential candidate Victor Font revealed his plans to return to humble beginnings by displaying said United Nations agency on the front of the football shirts again.

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Victor Font said: "We have a plan that is part of a more ambitious project in the social area, and are looking to return to UNICEF as main kit sponsor. We do not want to make promises because it can not happen immediately since we have to count on the short-term income (editor's note Rakuten sponsorship contract). But we want to do this and we have a plan."

Until 2006 FC Barcelona was the only giant to not have a main sponsor. Then UNICEF took over the spot on the front of the chest and initiated the transition to a commercially sold space on the front of the jerseys. Since 2011, 2 different commercial sponsors graced the chest of Barcelona's football shirts: Qatar Airways (2011-2016) and Rakuten (2016-2022). The social commitment of the club did not stop as Barcelona still donated money to UNICEF during this time period.

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What do you think of Victor Font's plans to return to UNICEF as the club's main sponsor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and relive FC Barcelona's most successful years on Football Kit Archive.