Benfica and Fenerbahce Sell Unbranded Replica 20-21 Adidas Kits

Compared to other sports clothing such as standard logo-free teamwear shirts in example, official team's football kits are remarkably expensive due to the markup for the brand and the team logos. In some 'lower income country's', they cost people a large part of the monthly wage. However, some clubs are offering their fans more cheap "replica" kits for the 2020-21 season.

Thanks to @esvaphane for making us aware of Fener's recent launch.

Benfica 20-21 Replica Kits

The replica Benfica 2020-21 kits are based on the official designs of the Adidas 20-21 home and away kits. Apart from the missing Adidas logo and stripes, the shirts appear to be almost identical.

The quality of the in-house Benfica brandless 20-21 kits looks very good. The club badge and sponsor logos appear to be applied using a similar quality as those from Adidas, in example.

In case you are thinking about getting the replica Benfica 2020-2021 kits - they retail at a price of 40 Euro for one, regularly. But there is a deal until tonight that gives you two for the price of one - just 40 Euro.

Fenerbahce 2020-21 Replica Kit

Just as the Benfica replica jerseys, the Fenerbahce 20-21 replica home kit is a replicate of the official Adidas jersey. It comes with the same elements as the Three Stripes' shirt, just without the Adidas logo and the Three Stripes.

Fenerbahce does not offer a replica version of the away and third jerseys.

The Fenerbahce 2020-2021 replica brandless version is available for a price of just 169 Turkish Lira, which equals to 18 Euro. The regular home kit costs you 289 Turkish Lira (30 Euro).

Attention: Kappa Napoli €40 Replica vs €90 Authentic Kits

Benfica and Fener are not the only clubs selling more affordable versions of their kits. Napoli and Kappa, in example, have a replica version of the 2020-21 kits available for 40 Euro.

Do you know other clubs that are remaking the kits of their official supplier?Share your thoughts in the comments below.