City Football Group Takeover Soon? Puma Pyramids FC 20-21 Kit Leaked

Pyramids FC's 2020-2021 kit got leaked yesterday in the announcement of the signing of Egypt international Ahmed El-Sheikh - the post with the picture was since taken down.

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Pyramids were previously with Adidas but a switch to Puma would not at all be unlikely given that the club have been heavily linked with a takeover by City Football Group. The Egyptian club would join the likes of Girona and Montevideo City Torque who also switched to Puma after they were acquired by CFG.

Pyramids FC Puma 20-21 Shirt

Check out Puma's Pyramids FC 2020-2021 shirt below.

The Puma Pyramids FC 2020-2021 football shirt is based on the Puma Teamfinal 21 Graphic template, albeit in a new black, blue and white color combination.

A trademark Puma pattern covers the front of the Puma Pyramids FC 2020-21 football shirt, while the sleeves and back are solid navy to match the club badge.

The Puma Pyramids FC 20-21 football shirt is set to be released shortly. It also appeared in the official announcement tweet, styled after a FUT card.

Made by Puma. Do you like Pyramids FC's kit? Comment below, and have a look at the 21-22 Kit Overview for more Puma football kit leaks.