Custom Kits Coming Are Certainly Not Coming To FIFA 21

Update: This is not great news for many FIFA players. The teaser of the Spanish FIFA Twitter account was not about custom kits coming to FIFA 21 but about a special kit designed for the heroes who are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

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FIFA 21 Kit Héroes Revealed

The Kit Héroes FIFA 21 shirt boasts an one-of-a-kind look, created by the illustrator Alejandro Parrilla. It boasts illustrations of health workers with their PPE suits, masks and others.

The shirt joins the initiative “Stay at home. Play Together" launched by EA Sports to encourage its fans to comply with lockdown measures.

"It was important to identify the elements that best represent what we have experienced as a society these months: the applause, our houses and the whole world resounding for the same cause, the heroes, the protagonists, the health workers, and essential workers who have tirelessly faced each other to the most difficult," says Parrilla.

December 7 2020: Custom Kits Coming To FIFA 21?

Update 7:55 PM London Time: It is anything but certain that custom kits are really coming officially to FIFA 21. There is just that one Tweet, and no other official information or leak.

Whenever playing the new FIFA for a few weeks, we are getting bored by the kits. However, this might soon change.

EA Sports to Introduce Custom Kit For FIFA 21?

A Tweet from the Spanish EA Sports account suggests that it will be possible to create custom kits for FIFA 21. The Tweet says that "Something very big is about to come to #FIFA21" (Algo muy grande está a punto de llegar a #FIFA21). What could that mean?

It has been possible to add custom kits to PES since yearsWe think that the most likely option is that EA Sports will allow fans to create their own kits in FIFA 21. This has been possible to do in PES since years, but not in FIFA.

In fact, we can also imagine that it will be possible to insert our own kits. In Pro Evolution Soccer, it has been possible since a few years to add custom jerseys to the game.

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Do you think that this Tweet means that it will be possible to add custom kits to FIFA soon? Would you also love this feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.