EC Bahia 2021 Home, Away & Commemorative Kits Released

EC Bahia's new 2021 home, away and commemorative kits were released yesterday. They are made in-house under the name Esquadrão and will be worn in next season's Brasileiro campaign.

The club again let the fans design their new shirts and the most popular were later chosen by the supporters. The entries that came in on second place will be available at a later point of time as commemorative jerseys.

Esquadrão EC Bahia 2021 Home Kit

This is the new Esquadrão EC Bahia home football shirt for 2021.

Designed by Christian Jungwirth, the Esquadrão EC Bahia 2021 home jersey combines a white base with thick red sleeve cuffs and a blue V-neck. There is a blue stripe that runs on top of the shoulders to the sleeve cuffs, next to a thinner red line. At the bottom right is a label to celebrate the club's 90th anniversary.

Esquadrão combines the EC Bahia 2021 football shirt with blue shorts and white socks.

EC Bahia Esquadrão 2021 Away Kit

This is the EC Bahia 2021 away shirt, made by Esquadrão.

Designed by James Leon Lopes, the Esquadrão EC Bahia 2021 away jersey features the club's traditional stripes look consisting of vertical blue and red stripes that are separated by thinner white lines in-between. A white V-neck and thick white sleeve cuffs add to the appearance.

Esquadrão combines the EC Bahia 2021 away jersey with white shorts and red socks.

Available since December 18, EC Bahia's 2021 home and away kits retail at BRL 99.90 (USD 20 excl. Shipping).

Esquadrão EC Bahia 2021 Commemorative Kits

Check out Esquadrão's EC Bahia 2021 commemorative jerseys below.

Designed by supporter Fábio Domingues, who reached the second place twice, the Esquadrão EC Bahia 2021 commemorative football shirts are inspired by African ancestry. The base ideas stay the same, while there are subtle patterns present. They come without a sponsor logo and will be available later.

Do you like the EC Bahia home, away and commemorative kits made in-house? Let us know in the comments below, and browse the 21-22 Kit Overview for more.