FC Barcelona 21-22 Home & Away Kit 'Predictions' & How Probable They Are

Football kit expert @hendocfc has created some concepts / predictions of how Nike's 21-22 kits could look like. We already featured Liverpool's 21-22 kit concepts, and now we take a look at the Barcelona 21-22 home and away kits and how accurate they are.

The author of the concepts has created designs that take into account all the information leaked so far. He has done a great job, but there is the following warning of him.

"DISCLAIMER (of the author of the creator of the concepts): These aren't accurate at all as there's not enough information available. Treat them as concepts".

Barca 21-22 Kit Concepts

Nike FC Barcelona 2021-22 Home Jersey - Accuracy 85%

The Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 home shirt prediction by hendocfc is based on the leaked design of Barcelona-based newspaper Mundo Deportivo. It boasts a look inspired by the Barça logo.

LEAKED: Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit to Introduce Bold Design in Purple - More Details

Barça's 21-22 home kit will feature 'Ivory' logos and maroon sleeves along the crest-inspired look, as featured on the concept.

Things like the template and the collar of the actual Barça are not known yet, so we give this prediction an accuracy of 85%.

Nike FC Barcelona 2021-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood 75%

The Barcelona 2021-22 away jersey is set to be primarily purple combined with bold and shiny iridescent logos. All those things are correct on the concept, but some things are not known yet.

LEAKED: Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit to Introduce Bold Design in Purple - More Details

First, it is not known of the kit will have a graphic design, even though it is unlikely. Second, the template / collar etc are not known yet.

We give the Barça 21-22 away kit prediction a likelihood of 75%.

The Barça 21-22 home kit is expected to launch in May 2021, while the away shirt drops in July 2021.

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Do you like the possible looks of the Barcelona 21-22 home and away kits? Which jersey do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.