"LEAKED": Puma To Scrap "Laser Cut Holes" & Introduce New Heat-Applied Crests For 2021-22 Authentic Kits?

Puma this week released the first football kits based on their new 2021 template - the 2021 Shimizu S-Pulse home, away and goalkeeper kits. With it, we get a first official look at a Puma 2021 template.

The ventilation holes of Puma's authentic kits were introduced in late 2019 for the brand's EURO 2020 kits. That new feature was obviously not invented by Puma as Nike's kits already featured it in 2012.

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Shimizu S-Pulse 2021 Kits Give First Look At New 2021 Puma Template

Authentic Milan 21-22 kit with "laser cut holes".

The new Puma S-Pulse 2021 jerseys boast unique looks based on a new Puma template for 2021. The new Puma template is nothing extraordinary. It comes with raglan sleeves and a single stripe on the shoulders area, so it are two other elements that make it interesting.

First, the new Puma Shimizu S-Pulse 2021 kits come without the laser cut holes, in contrast to last season's shirt. This is a clear indicator that Puma's 2021-22 authentic kits won't feature them.

Second, the Shimizu S-Pulse 2021 kits seem to have a new heat-printed Puma logo that does not look as cheap as those from current authentic kits. It is much thicker for a more premium appearance. The crest material looks also a bit different.

BVB 20-21 Authentic Kit

However, as of today, it is not certain that Puma's 2021-2022 European authentic jerseys for BVB, Man City and others will have the same new features. But at least for the laser cut holes we are pretty sure they are gone for 2021-22.

Shimizu S-Pulse 2021 Kit

Stay tuned for more about the authentic Puma 2021-22 football kits and their technology in the coming months.

BVB 20-21 Authentic Kit

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Do you like the Shimizu S-Pulse 2021 kits and the template they are based on? What do you think of Puma likely ditching the laser cut holes after just one year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.