Morata Wears Insane Adidas X Ghosted Predator Mania Hybrid Boots

Alvaro Morata has worn an one-of-a-kind football boot ahead of yesterday's match between Juventus and Atalanta Bergamo. Let's find out all about them.

Alvaro Morata Laces up in Custom Adidas X Ghosted Boots With Mania Design

Alvaro Morata laced up in a football boot that looks like the classic white / red / black Adidas Predator Mania at first glance. However, a closer look reveals that his boots are actually a Adidas X Ghosted + with the visual design of the iconic Predator Mania soccer shoes.

Morata's custom football boots were not made by Adidas but by Chinese artist takes modern boots and gives them the appearance of classic football boots by visually adding all the elements of the classic boot on them. The result are modern soccer cleats with the appearance of iconic old cleats.

Tech-wie, the custom hybrid Morata boots are identical to the regular Adidas X Ghosted+, just with the painted graphics that might reduce ball touch in wet conditions a bit.

The Chinese artist already converted various modern boots to classic designs such as a Nike Phantom GT x T90 hybrid and Predator 20 x Predator Powerswerve hybrid.

For the match, Morata switched back to the regular Adidas X Ghosted Inflight Pack football boots.

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