Adidas Copa Sense Superstealth Boots Released

The Copa Sense from the "Superstealth" pack have now also been released.

Adidas Superstealth Pack Unveiled - 2021 Blackout Boots - Waiting for Next-Gen Predator & Copa

Adidas 2021 Copa "Superstealth" - Blackout

Check out the new Adidas 2021 Copa football boots in black / grey six / white below.

Just as the other cleats of the 2021 Adidas Black Pack collection, the Adidas Copa Sense+ 'Black / Grey' are totally blackout for a stealth look. A look at the official color combo confirms that there are no "real colors" at all - Black / Grey Six / White.

The laceless variant of the new 'Black / Grey' Adidas Copa Sense soccer cleats will have an iridescent sole plate and a few other iridescent elements certainly.

Tech-wise, Adidas' 'Black / Grey Six / White' 2021 Copa football boots are identical to the launch edition of the next-gen boots. They have been completely updated by Adidas, very different from the update between Copa 19 and 20.

Adidas Copa Sense+ "Superstealth" - Features

  • Completely revamped from previous generation
  • Laceless (+) and laces (.1) versions
  • K-Leather in the forefoot
  • New collar design
  • New foam pods on upper
  • New sole plate
  • Price: USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230)
  • Colorway: Black / Grey Six / White,Black / Grey,Blackout
  • Release date: February 23 2021

Adidas Copa Sense.1 "Superstealth"

The Adidas Copa Sense football shoes from the 2021 Blackout pack are available shortly for USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230).

Next-Gen Adidas Copa Sense 'Superlative' Launch Boots Leaked - Official Pictures

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