Adidas Superstealth Pack Unveiled - 2021 Blackout Boots - Waiting for Next-Gen Predator & Copa

Update: Adidas has released the first two booths from the Superstealth Pack - as expected, only the Nemeziz and X have been unveiled thus far, while we are waiting for the debut of the next-gen Copa and Predator.

Right at the beginning of 2021, Adidas is set to release a blackout boots collection. The new Adidas 2021 Black Pack will be called Superstealth Pack, while the alternative name "Mastery Pack" is also floating around.

Adidas Superstealth 2021 Soccer Boots Collection

This picture shows the new Adidas Superstealth Nemeziz and X - via SoccerBible.

The Adidas Superstealth 2021 Black Pack brings us stealth colorways for all of Adidas' four boot silos - the Copa, Nemeziz, Predator and X.

The Adidas Superstealth collection will be released in two phases

As of earlier rumors and confirmed with today's unveiling, the Adidas Superstealth collection will be released in two phases - First the current-gen Adidas X and Adidas Nemeziz, shortly followed by the next-generation Adidas Copa and Predator (Copa Sense & Predator Freak).

The Adidas Mastery / Superstealth Pack has no colorful elements but combines black with anthracite.

Adidas 2021 Copa 'Blackout' - Superstealth

Just as the other cleats of the 2021 Adidas Black Pack collection, the Adidas Copa Sense+ 'Black / Grey' are totally blackout for a stealth look. A look at the official color combo confirms that they are no "real colors" at all - Black / Grey Six / White.

Adidas Nemeziz+ 'Blackout' - Superstealth

The Adidas 'Blackout' Nemeziz+ boots are totally blackout with iridescent finishing to create a utterly stylish look. In fact, the shoes combine two colors - Core Black & Utility Black, which is a very dark anthracite.

Adidas Predator Freak 'Superstealth' - Black / Grey Four / White

The new 'Blackout' Adidas Predator Freak soccer cleats are almost totally blackout for a stealth look. The official color combo is "Black / Grey Four / White". The laceless variant of the Adidas '2021 Blackout' Predator Freak+ boots has a more standout look with the rubber pads bigger and more highlighted than the laces versions.

Adidas X 'Blackout' - Superstealth

The black / iridescent adidas X Ghosted football boots from the new 'Black Pack' pack are predominantly black with subtle brandings and an eye-catching iridescent sole plate. At least in terms of the upper, it's a very similar look to the 'Atmospheric' edition that ended up never being officially released.

In addition to these regular boots, Adidas will also release a special stealth 'Eternal Pack' consisting of the Adidas Copa Mundial 21 and the Adidas Predator Accelerator 21.

Adidas 2021 Eternal Pack

The new Adidas Superstealth Pack will be launched right at the beginning of next year 2021 - at least the Nemeziz and X of the collection.