Same Kit As RB Leipzig?! Red Bull Bragantino 20-21 Third & Fourth Kits Released

We have kit news from Brasileiro today as Red Bull Bragantino launched their new Nike 2020-21 fourth shirt.

The Red Bull Bragantino 20-21 third shirt was already released in September 2020.

Red Bull Bragantino 2020 Home & Away Kits Released - 100% Teamwear

Red Bull Bragantino 20-21 Third Kit

This is the new Nike Red Bull Bragantino third jersey for 2020-2021.

The Nike Red Bull Bragantino 2020-2021 third shirt has a modern look in navy-blue, red and white, based on the NIKE TIEMPO PREMIER TEMPLATE. It is a custom colorway for the Brazilian club.

All logos come with the standard colors of Red Bull.

Nike RB Bragantino 2020-2021 Fourth Kit

This is the new Nike RB Bragantino fourth shirt for 2020-21.

Like the third shirt, the Nike Red Bull Bragantino 20-21 fourth football shirt is also based on the Nike Tiempo Prmemier teamwear shirt. However, it is not a custom colorway but the standard catalog red / white option.

Leipzig 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

In fact, the Nike RB Bragantino 2020-2021 fourth football shirt is exactly the same as RB Leipzig's 20-21 fourth jersey.

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