Red Bull Bragantino 2020 Home & Away Kits Released - 100% Teamwear

Following the unveiling of its new logo earlier this year, Brazilian club Red Bull Bragantino has followed it up with the release of its new 2020 home and away Red Bull Bragantino's new 2020 home and away uniforms by Nike, which very much don the classic RB look.

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Red Bull Bragantino's 2020 home and away uniforms are both based on options from the Nike teamwear catalog.

Red Bull Bragantino Nike 2020 Home and Away Jerseys

These are the Red Bull Bragantino 2020 home and away jerseys, made by Nike.

The Red Bull Bragantino 2020 home football shirt is based on the Nike Park teamwear template in white and black, combined with red shorts and white socks.

Based on the same teamwear option, RB Bragantino's 2020 away jersey is black and white with a monochrome RB logo on the chest - this is inspired by similar New York Red Bulls and RB Leipzig shirts that proved very popular, as well as the special-edition Bragantino shirt that was released last November.

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