Hummel Denmark 1986 Kit Remake Released - Restocked

Update: Hummel has restocked the remake of what is likely the brand's most iconic shirt ever - the Denmark 1986 World Cup design. The retro jersey retails at just 40 Euro.

In December 2020, only small quantities of the jersey have been released and, at that time, almost all sizes have already sold out.

Hummel Denmark 1986 Remake Shirt

This picture shows the Denmark 1986 jersey remake.

A faithful recreation of the original, the jersey features a half-and-half design, combined with subtle pinstripes on the body and sleeves.

The Hummel logo is dark blue, matching the color of the piping on the overlapping v-collar.

Everything is fairly close to the 1986 original, although there are a number of small differences:

  • Collar overlap is inverted
  • Sleeves don't feature navy piping
  • Darker colors
  • Heat-applied logos

Despite all of this, we think this was a fantastic move by Hummel and a great deal in general.

The Hummel Denmark 1986 remake shirt was released online, retailing at 35 GBP (40 EUR).

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