On His Way Out? Thiago Alcántara Wears Blackout Nike Phantom Venom Cleats During North West Derby

Update #2: Last night, Thiago started for Liverpool against league leaders Manchester United. The game itself was a close affair with an edge for United who almost broke Liverpool's home record, but it was not the footballing performance that caught our eye: Thiago Alcántara continues to surprise by wearing blackout Nike Phantom Venom cleats against Manchester United. The fact that Thiago does not endorse Nike in official games anymore makes a potential brand switch even more likely. Keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Thiago Alcântara has been spotted training in a pair of the yellow and red Adidas F50 Adizero II Leather football boots from 2012 in yesterday's training. He is still wearing the Nike Phantom Venom in official matches.

Thiago Alcantara Trains in Adidas F50 Adizero Leather Football Boots

Thiago Alcantara To Join Adidas - Returns To Nike For First Match After Injury

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Liverpool's Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara has made his comeback after injury wearing the Nike Phantom Venom football boots against Newcastle United at St James' Park yesterday night. We still think that it is likely that he will join Adidas in the coming weeks.

Thiago Alcantara Returns To Nike Phantom Venom Boots For First Match After Injury

December 17 2020: Thiago Alcantara Returns After Injury Wearing Adidas Copa 20.1 'Precision to Blur' Boots

Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara has returned to Liverpool training with individual session yesterday as Spaniard continues recovery from knee issue. However, Thiago Alcantara was not wearing his usual Nike Phantom VNM boots but Adidas boots.

In September 2020, when still playing for Bayern, Thiago was spotted wearing a pair of blackout Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta and of blackout Nike Phantom GT boots. This was the first clear indicator that his contract with Nike had ended.

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Thiago Alcantara Trains un Adidas Copa 20.1 'Precision to Blur' Boots After Injury

Thiago Alcantara laced up in the latest colorway of the Adidas Copa 20.1 football boots from the 'Precision to Blur' collection. This makes it certain that his contract with Nike has ended, and also very likely that he is set to join Adidas.

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What makes the Thiago Alcântara x Adidas partnership even more probable is that he also used Adidas Ultra Boost shoes when training in the gym.

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Stay tuned for more about the Thiago Alcantara x Adidas partnership in the coming weeks.

What do you think of Adidas set to sign Thiago Alcântara? Is the Copa 20.1 the perfect choice for him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.