18 Clubs & Over 150 Kits - Football Kit Evolution In The Last Decade

After alredy inspecting FC Barcelona's and Real Madrid's football shirts of the last decade, it is time to also take a look at the other European top leagues and their biggest teams. This is why we created simple pictures for every team that show the evolution of their home jersey during the last decade from left to right.

FC Barcelona & Real Madrid 2010-2019 Home Kits - Football Kit Evolution

The 2010s have been an exciting time for football kit addicts as brands released more unique jerseys than ever before. Now we take a look at the football kit evolution of different clubs in the 2010s, including AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Club Football Kit Evolution - 2010-2019

When seeing the shirts of the different top clubs in the 2010s, it is easy to see that some clubs experimented more (FC Barcelona), while others tried to "play it safe" (Manchester City, Real Madrid). Additionally, one can see how the look of football shirts evolved during the last decade.

2020-21 football kits of the 18 selected teams

It is also very interesting that there have only been three football shirts used for two seasons: Arsenal's 2012-14 kit, Bayern Munich's 2011-13 football shirt and Liverpool's 2010-12 home jersey. Of course, this is unimaginable for clubs of this caliber today.

AC Milan


AS Roma

Atlético Madrid

Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund


FC Barcelona

Inter Milan

Juventus FC


Manchester City

Manchester United

Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Marseille

Paris Saint-Germain

Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur

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