After Losing Court Battle: Inter Miami 'Not In Jeopardy' To Change Name & Logo

Even though Inter Miami lost the first round of their trademark battle over the phrase 'Inter' with Inter Milan back in February 2020, the MLS club owned by David Beckham recently insisted on not having to change the club's name or logo anytime in the near future.

Forced To Change Name Soon? Inter Miami Loses First Round Of Trademark Battle Against Inter Milan

Internazionale have won a key battle in a trademark infringement lawsuit against Major League Soccer, claiming the term ‘Inter’ is synonymous with the Serie A club. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) dismissed one of the team’s two arguments, according to a report published Monday. Miami lawyer David Winker also came to the conclusion that the ruling “will result in Miami having to change its name”.

However, MLS and “Club Internacional de Futbol Miami” believe that the club's name and its logo will not be affected by the court ruling. They also issued a statement concerning this issue.

“It is Major League Soccer and Inter Miami CF policy not to comment on open litigation, but due to widespread confusion about the case and its implications, the Club will offer the following remarks:

“The trademark dispute between Major League Soccer and Inter Milan focuses on whether Inter Milan can claim an exclusive trademark ownership of, and the right to use, the commonly used term “Inter” standing alone in commercial activity. The litigation does not concern the brand name or brand marks for Inter Miami CF, whose formal franchise name is Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami. The Club is not in jeopardy of changing its trademark-approved name or marks.”

In other news, Internazionale Milano will change its logo and a change of the club's name is also on the cards even though officials tried to deny it. This could potentially impact the ongoing dispute. You can check out the possible new logo here.

Inter Milan To Release New Logo

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