River Plate 2021 Third Kit Released - Return of Tricolor

River Plate's new 2021 third uniform reintroduces the popular 'tricolor' look of River that was already used for the club's 2018 third shirt.

Adidas River Plate 2021 Third Kit

Check out Adidas' River Plate 2021 third shirt below.

Featuring a traditional stripes look, the Adidas River Plate 2021 third football shirt combines River's two traditional colors with black.

The look itself consists of red and white stripes with thin black stripes in-between. Adidas' sponsor logo is black, while the other sponsor logos are also black, but with a white outline.

The new River 21 third kit was launched on March 6 2021.

River Plate 2018 3rd shirt

Made by Adidas. Do you like or not like River Plate's third jersey? Drop us a line below, and have a look at the 21-22 Kit Overview for more Adidas football kit leaks.