"Decrypted": What The Numbers On The Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 2021 Boots Mean

The next-generation Nike Mercurial 2021 Dragonfly soccer cleats are available since Monday. A closer look at the the Dragonfly edition reveals that they come with special numbers on the upper - let us find out what they signify.

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 & Vapor 14 'Dragonfly' Boots Revealed

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Dragonfly Features 7 Key Features

The next-generation Nike Mercurial 2021 Dragonfly is all about technology that allows players moving faster. To achieve this, Nike has removed any unnecessary layers and revealed the raw beauty of their innovation.

For Nike's development team, there have been four focus areas for the Nike Mercurial 2021 boots.

Focus Areas Of Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 2021

  • Fit: an upper that feels like a natural extension of the foot
  • Touch: natural touch, helping athletes to maintain control at high speeds
  • Traction: quick acceleration and breaking in all directions
  • Style: brighter, lighter and faster

All regular colorways won't feature the numbersThe 2021 Mercurial has 7 key components - The Dragonfly launch 'Showcase' edition comes with the numbers #01 to #07 on the upper to highlight them. The numbers are only part of the "showcase" Dragonfly edition - all later colorways won't feature them.

Nike Mercurial 2021 Dragonfly - What The 7 Numbers Mean

  1. Avail Q Lining = Premium Microfiber that forms to your foo
  2. Speed Band = Forefoot lockdown to maximize first step speed
  3. Vamp Lining = Lightweight cushioning precisely where your need it
  4. Toe Reinforcer = Anatomical shape for a barefoot feel
  5. Speed Collar Package = Soft foam to minimize friction
  6. Speed Wings = Medial speed icons
  7. Flyknit = Adaptability for a close fit

The design of the new Mercurial draws on the natural geometry of a Dragonfly’s wing as a guide to driving maximum efficiency with minimal weight. This results in a lightweight, efficient boot stripped to 7 key components, each made visible for an arresting aesthetic that relays the pure essentials of speed.

The insole comes with a text of the 7 key features

An evolution of the 2019 Mercurial 360, the boot "introduces a new Vaporposite upper that combines a grippy grid mesh with premium lining for ball control at high speeds. Underfoot the Nike Aerotrak plate brings responsiveness for quick cuts and acceleration".

The launch colorway "is made up of a digital psychedelic palette, inspired by a computer motherboard, which pays homage to iconic Mercurials over the past 23 years".

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