A Ban of Gambling Companies on British Football Shirts Is Looking Increasingly Likely

After the British Parliament investigated the impact of the UK's gambling industry in the Summer of 2020, The Telegraph now exclusively reports that Great Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson will most likely ban gambling firms on football shirts.

Obviously, this will hurt big football clubs and their liquidity during a period of uncertainty, but a majority of the British public is in favor of a ban of football shirt sponsorship for gambling companies. The government will try to take a rational decision for the greater good.

Football clubs have alternative ways to be fundedCarolyn Harris, Labour MP, said the following: "For me, it's about common sense prevailing over greed, because these football clubs have alternative ways to be funded"

Last season, half of Premier League clubs and 17 of 24 Championship clubs were sponsored by bookmakers. Interestingly, the gambling industry does not care about being the main sponsor from the League One downwards as there is not a single main sponsor from the gambling industry present until the semi-professional National League.

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