All New Adidas Copa Sense Features Much Less Leather Than Before

The "all new" Adidas Copa Sense soccer boots were very well received by both fans and professionals. They introduce a futuristic look for a leather soccer cleat - Unisport boot expert @jaymikedk has revealed that Adidas' only high-end leather boot features less leather than before.

Adidas Copa Sense Cleats Feature Leather In Less, More Distinct Areas

When directly comparing the Adidas Copa Sense+ with its processor by having them in hand, it becomes clear that the Adidas Copa Sense+ has much less kangaroo leather than the Copa 20+.

For the next-generation Copa, Adidas has put the leather only in those parts that are mostly used for touches. Previously, the leather part not only matched the visual design but was much larger.

The reasons for Adidas to reduce the amount of leather are not known - it is certainly not to save money but to improve lockdown while still offering leather touch in the areas were really needed.

The next-generation Adidas Copa Sense+ football boots have the same / similar price tag as the previous generation - 280 Euro.

What do you think the reasons were for Adidas to reduce the amount of leather for the Adidas COpa Sense? Let us know in the comments below.