All-New Sparta Prague Logo Unveiled

In shocking news, AC Sparta Prague, one of Czech's most successful football clubs, has just unveiled a new logo. The new visual identity will be used from the 2021-22 season and was the product of 'several years of preparations and work on this project'.

Design-wise, the all-new Sparta Prague logo comes without the writing 'AC SPARTA PRAHA FOTBAL' inside the outer circle. Instead, there are two circles surrounding a white 'S' on a black background now.

These circles are white respectively black. The tricolor element underneath stays with a thick black border.

In terms of colours, the new Sparta Prague logo introduces rather radical changes as it mostly comes without red, a very important aspect of the previous logo. Additionally, the colour black has a more important role now.

One of the advantages will be to easily adjust the colour scheme according to the situation. Additionally, the club also unveiled a new, unique font for ACS and a unified identity that will be used across the board.

"The direction that we have chosen after long discussions represents a natural development and moves us graphically from the past to the present. We try to respect modern trends, yet in our opinion this is not a hurried revolution. That is why we believe that the result will be close to the fans‘ hearts. Although we know that our supporters will discuss this step a lot. But we don’t mind that at all," says František Čupr, CEO of AC Sparta Praha, about the change of Sparta’s visual identity.

"When creating the logo, the intention was to preserve the key elements that have defined Sparta for more than one hundred years, and to create a clear and distinctive mark following the unique history of the club applied to the 21st century," emphasizes Tadeáš Drahorád, Art Director of Go4Gold.

What do you think of the new Sparta Prague logo? Are you excited to see the Sparta Prague 21-22 football kits, the first-ever with the new visual identity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.