Amazing Umbro Grêmio 2021 Lifestyle & Training Collection Released

Earlier this month, Brazilian club Grêmio launched their new lifestyle and training collection for the 2021 campaign.

Normally, this would not be newsworthy, but it is the incredible effort by UK-based brand Umbro that caught our eye. Of course, this could also be a first sign for things to come on Umbro's home soil in a few months.

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Training Collection

The Grêmio 2021 training collection combines the club's traditional colours with a touch of the 90s through the means of very bold chevrons that run all over the fabric of certain items such as a tracksuit top or a pre-match shirt.

There are also more reserved clothing pieces like a simple black / white tee or the travel jacket and its sweatpants.

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Tracksuit Top

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Training Jacket

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Windbreaker

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Travel Jacket

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Travel Pants

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Pre-Match Shirt

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Training Shirt - Navy & Light Blue

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Tee - Black & Light Blue

Umbro Grêmio 2021 Polo - Black & Light Blue

What do you think of the Grêmio 2021 lifestyle and training collection made by Umbro? Which item is your favorite? Drop us a line below.